About Robert E. Lanham, P.C.

Mr. Lanham is not accepting new clients at the present time. Robert E. Lanham, P.C. represents clients in divorces, legal separations, and related family law matters in Boulder County, as well as the Denver metropolitan area. The firm prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of legal excellence and ethical, caring and tenacious representation of its clients. One of Boulder’s most experienced family law attorneys, Mr. Lanham has practiced exclusively in this field for the past twenty years. Unlike many law firms, he is fully involved in representing his clients and will not delegate your case to an associate or legal assistant.

His clients include executives, doctors, attorneys, engineers and other professionals and their spouses. Many of his clients have interests in large or complex trusts or partnership interests, necessitating a high level of legal and financial expertise. Often there is a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to defend or challenge. Mr. Lanham has extensive experience in cases involving maintenance (alimony), child support and child custody (allocation of parental responsibilities). He has also handled many high income and high asset divorce cases, some with assets of hundreds of millions of dollars. No matter how complex your case might be, Mr. Lanham has the skills and experience to see that you get the best outcome possible under the law.





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High Asset

High income/large asset divorces or legal separations involve complex legal and financial issues so it is important that you are represented by an attorney who has the skills and experience to work with clients who have large assets or complicated finances.

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Asset and Debt

Marital property is divided equitably, not necessarily equally, and valuation of assets and implantation of a property and debt division can be complex in some cases.

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Maintenance (Alimony) & Child Support

Child support is determined by a formula that looks at the parent’s incomes, the parenting schedule, and other factors. Maintenance or alimony is based on a discretionary formula that considers the parties’ incomes, the length of the marriage, and other factors.

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Child Custody

If there are minor children, there must be provisions for child custody (allocation of parental responsibility or APR) that include both parenting time and the sharing of decision making responsibility for the children.

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